illustration of a jailbroken phone

June 28, 2018

illustration of a jailbroken phone

Yesterday and today seem to mesh together. We left the US yesterday and arrived in Malawi today. We have been traveling over 20 hours if you count the two-hour drive we made from Philly to NY. Overall, everything went smoothly and for that I am grateful. Unfortunately, we failed one of our first missions in Malawi, which was to get our phones set up. Only two of us were able to do that: Trudy and Sherard. The rest of us had SIM card issues, either our phones were locked (like mine) or did not allow other SIMS (like Verizon phones). So as a team, we agreed that we would have to live with being unplugged for a bit and just assure our family members at home that we will contact them if there is an emergency. Otherwise, they should be assured we are fine. It feels strange and unnerving not to have phone access. We are so dependent on our phones that they have become a clutch to us to some extent. Sometimes I fear they have replaced our dependence on God and on each other. That’s the world we live in today.

Pamoza for Christ

– Temwa Wright

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