Banking with God

headshot of Anna Rago

Hi Everyone!

headshot of Anna Rago
Something really cool just happened to me and I wanted to share.

Yesterday, I called my credit card company which locked me out of my account when I tried to tell them that I was leaving the country for a few weeks.

So, today I had to go to the bank to straighten things out. As I was telling the employee the dates that I would be out of the country, he was asking me why I was leaving. So I began telling him about my mission trip. There was a random stranger that I never met before sitting at a desk near me and overheard what I was saying. After I was done, he came up to me and gave me a generous donation towards my fund since I was still a little bit short.

He himself is a missionary.

I can’t wait for Malawi!
– Anna Rago

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