Traveling from Lilongwe to Zowe

missionaries on a bus smiling for the camera
Ride to Zowe

June 30, 2018

Today was a long day of travel. I woke up, packed and went to breakfast. We packed the car and starter started our 5-hour drive to Zowe, Malawi. The car was thin and we were sitting like sardines. I fell asleep about a hundred times during the bumpy ride.

missionaries on a bus smiling for the camera
Ride to Zowe

We made many stops along the way. Our first stop was at the mall. I went to the flea market and science fair that was happening there today. The science fair was very neat because I got to meet kids who were doing very similar science fair project as I did in grade school. My favorite part was the elephant toothpaste. Then we travel to a gas station which had a beautiful view of a mountain. I got Lay’s potato chips inside. There was one flavor that look like salt and vinegar, but when you look closer they were balsamic and onion. Next, we stopped at a veggie stand. It is crazy with so many people screaming at you trying to get you to buy their food. After that we continue through to the country.

vegetable stand in Zowe

We eventually reached a police stop (one of many) where Zambia was on our right and Malawi was on our left, so they had to check our passports. As we continue driving, the road ended and Joe drove on the bumpy dirt. We actually saw baboons. It was crazy! They were running all over the place. Adorable!

Finally we reached Zowe and the Pamoza Headquarters. We went straight to dinner and met everyone. They have been preparing dinner for us for hours. The food was delicious. I got to hold a little four month old baby name Esther. She was a happy baby. After dinner, they prepare one room for us and then we all play Taboo. After that I went to bed. Goodnight, Malawi!

-Anna Rago

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