The Power of Education: Chimango’s Story

Chimango and his sister, Prominence, celebrating on his graduation day
Leaping towards a bright future

Chimango and his sister, Prominence, celebrating on his graduation day Leaping towards a bright future.

Do you see that young man in the picture above? His name is Chimango. And that young lady next to him is Prominence, his younger sister. This picture was captured by Chimango’s dad in 2019, on the day he celebrated his college graduation. It was a joyous occasion — for them and for Pamoza — because Chimango was one of the students who received a college scholarship from us. Now he is a graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health. Wow!

Fast-forward to 2020 when Pamoza needed to hire Health Facilitators to provide COVID education in the rural communities. Chimango understood the gravity of the situation, the culture, and the community, and was well prepared for this position. He and his co-workers reached 6,000 households with COVID prevention education, soap, and face masks.

That’s the power of education: It ALWAYS transforms lives and strengthens entire communities.

But Chimango’s is not the only amazing story. Consider Elita who had to walk more than 10 miles each day for high school until we helped pay for her boarding so she could live near her school; or Esther who wants more girls to go to school, like her, so they don’t have to feel like marriage is their only option; or Mpatso who comes from a family of 12 and saw the challenges his parents experienced in providing for his family. He told us, “Because of the scholarship, my future is bright.” We couldn’t agree more.

Join us! With your help, we can transform even more lives by investing in education.

Please consider making a special gift to our scholarship fund for our high school and college students. Every dollar makes a difference towards a scholarship of $200 for an entire year of high school or $800 for a year of college!

Thank you for giving the gift of impact


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