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Bethany Hogan hugging a group of kids
Playing with the kids from Zowe

June 30, 2018

Bethany Hogan hugging a group of kids
Playing with the kids from Zowe

Wow! Africa is so amazing! I have already experienced so much and we have only been here for a few days. God has let me experience the life of a missionary in many different ways. First, I did face some spiritual battles against Satan. The Lord use this to have me depend on His work, and I feel so relieved that God help me flee from Satan. Second, I have been able to see a completely different culture. Malawi is so beautiful! Third, I have been able to see God move so much! He is so good! He protects the missions team and me. We got here safely and He provides for us in any circumstance.

I love the people in Malawi! I definitely can see myself doing Mission work in the future as I love the people, place and seeing God’s work. The girl I met named Laura asked me “Is that your real hair?” I told her it was and she felt it and said, “It’s so soft! Does everyone have hair like this in America?” She also told me that she had never met an American before. That was just one of the times I was able to meet and talk to the people.

Lastly, I’ve have had so many new experiences. One of them being that I carried a bucket of water on my head just like the Malawian women. I can’t wait to see what else God has planned for this mission trip and for my future in the mission field.

P.S. Mom, I saw monkeys!!!

-Bethany Hogan

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