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Giving Dorika crayons for crisis nurseries

June 29, 2018

Temwa Wright unpacking and handing out crayons
Giving Dorika crayons for crisis nurseries

Time moves slower in Malawi. Everything takes longer, everyone seems less hurried; things are just slower. It’s really helping me develop my patience because I like to move fast. But here, you can only go as fast as the person you are working with. Though things move slower here, it is not all bad. I have noticed that people always make time for each other; relationships matter above all else. Today, we took some school supplies to Ministry of Hope another NGO based in Lilongwe. We had brought too many school supplies and it was making our car too heavy for the rough roads ahead. So we made an impromptu visit to Ministry of Hope, dropped off the extra bags and donated two suitcases of crayons for their crisis nursery for orphans. Although she was in the middle of a conference, the Director, Dorika, came out, greeted us, prayed for us, and spent nearly 30 minutes chatting with us, her unannounced, impromptu visitors. She was not a prisoner of time, like me. I can’t imagine someone visiting me unannounced during my work day (during a conference that I am running) and not being annoyed. It was a good reminder for me to put relationships first.

Pamoza for Christ

– Temwa Wright

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