Preaching in Malawi

men and women attending church outdoors
Church outdoor service

July 1

Today we saw God move in a mighty way. I was invited to preach at a church in Malawi but God had already prepared me. I was not able to sleep Friday night. I tried playing games, reading a book, reading the Bible but nothing worked. I finally prayed and asked God what is the reason I can’t sleep? I got out my notepad and began taking dictation. A few hours later I had a sermon on paper. Saturday we are driving and Dr. Mitika says says they will probably ask you to preach ata the second service we are going to.

I said if they do I have something to give them and I explained how I was up all night. Fast forward to the service. We were supposed to go to two services but the first church is mostly students and they are on break so there was no service when we got there (no internet or website to see about service announcements). So we left and went to the next church.

We arrive and sure enough I am invited to preach. The entire service was in Timbuka except my sermon, so it had to be interpreted. My sermon title was “Unity in the Body” from I Corinthians 12:12-27. The church has 1 Pastor but 7 prayer houses. Once a month all of them come together to worship. Today was that day. My message was about unity on the Sunday where they come together in unity.

Also, we got to witness 4 children be baptized. One of the young ladies, who walked 1 and a half hours (yes an hour and a half by foot) to get to service so her child could be baptized, works at the complex where we are staying. We met her when we arrived. (Yes, we did give her a ride back with us).

The service was great, the singing from 8 choirs was great and the Lord gave me an on-time, in-season, easy to understand and relative message. To God Be the Glory! I am still amazed at how ALL things worked together for our good today! We serve an awesome God.

men and women attending church outdoors
Church outdoor service

– Sherard Graham

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