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July 3, 2018

Today we woke up, had breakfast, and then went to morning devotions with the staff. Then we went to the grocery store. It is a small local grocery store that the community built to support itself. They sell simple things. I bought cookies and gum for 350 kwatcha. Next we went to a grinding mill. This is also a local store in which the funds support the community. The community members harvest the corn, then bring it there and pay to have them pound it. And then it is grinded into flour. After that we visited a nursery school. They sang the songs and we took a great picture with the kids. Sadly, the people who were supposed to make the kids practice didn’t show up today. We bought a little kids puffs for a snack instead because this may be the only thing that they eat today. Next we went to the Pamoza office to learn about Muzi Banking. I have a video explaining it off for anyone who wants to learn more. Basically, it is the local bank which benefits the community. After that, we visited a woman’s home. Miss Trudy happened to be praying for this lady for two years. Her home had four bedrooms, a outdoor kitchen, a chicken coop, crafts, a corn grinder, a wash house and some other essentials. She has three kids. Her oldest is 15 and her youngest is nine. At her house we got to grind some corn by hand. It is very difficult. They gave us potatoes as a gift. Next, we went to a health clinic. There, children were weighed and their height was checked to make sure they are healthy. Otherwise, they go to the hospital and others get food to help them feel better. Then we went to lunch. After lunch we visited two Muzi Banks. At the first, we sang, and they gave us bread and soda as a thank you gift for coming. The second also had a Bible study and put a performance on in addition to banking. The performance was about a community who believed in Muzi Banking, and a community who didn’t. They banter and it was funny to watch. After that, we headed to the tailor in Euthini to have skirts made. Euthini reminds me of a fantasy place. The teller worked out of a house. Everything was very old school. Then, we came home and had  spaghetti. Tomorrow we get to walk to school with some local high school girls! So excited!

-Anna Rago

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