Heavy Heart

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July 8, 2018

It was another busy day for our team. We went to two separate church services in Mzuzu and then visited an orphanage where Muriel volunteered as a nurse for two months about seven years ago. The visit to the orphanage was very sad to me but not for the reason you might guess. It was actually a very nice orphanage on 74-acres. They had 10 cottages with 10 kids per cottage with a house mother in each. The kids learned in a very nice, clean, and well-resourced room. They even extended the school to roughly 100 other children from the community. The class size was about 1:18.

Despite seeing all that the institution had to offer, I couldn’t help but to have a heavy heart, a jealous heart really. I couldn’t help but to think about the 1,500 kids we serve in Zowe area, in the rural communities. They are crammed into dark, under-resourced spaces, many of them sitting on dirt and rubble. Their teachers have meager resources, their schools are falling apart, their uniforms are torn. It is so sad. And yet, here in Mzuzu, 45 miles away, there is this HUGE orphanage for 100 kids getting a private education. I know I shouldn’t be jealous. I know it’s good that they have this, but it really broke my heart to think about the thousands of kids who don’t have any options. I am looking forward to doing more for the children we serve in Zowe school.

Temwa from Malawi

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