Flying to Malawi

Anna Rago's plane on an airfield preparing for takeoff
Anna's ready for change.

June 26-27

When I woke up at 5 AM this wonderful Wednesday morning, all I could think about was how today was the day that would bring new perspectives into my life. So many people have told me that this trip to Malawi would change my life, but I believe that if it does change it, it will only enhance it. I have this amazing opportunity which I am entering entirely with an open mind and open heart. I will let change come into my life as the Lord sees it is needed. He has led me to Malawi for reasons that He will only ever know. All that I know is that I am flying to Malawi to do
some more good in this world and impact as many lives as I can. I am writing this with 4 more hours left to fly. I am filled with excitements so much so¬†that I can’t sleep anymore. Hopefully I will be able to start my day with energy.

Anna Rago's plane on an airfield preparing for takeoff
Anna’s ready for change.

– Anna Rago

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