Feeling Blessed

Temwa Wright being anointed by a pastor

June 24, 2018

Temwa Wright being anointed by a pastor
I worry about money a lot! Too much really. I mostly worry about it for my organization because my primary responsibility as Executive Director of Pamoza is to fundraise. However, when I first joined Pamoza in 2013 after quitting my comfortable job of 7 years, I heard a clear directive from God. “Just share what I am doing in Malawi and I will open the doors for you; speak from your heart and engage as many people as possible in MY work.” I am very clear that the success of this organization does not depend on me; this is the Lord’s work and He will sustain in. But from time to time, I forget about his faithfulness and promises. I begin to doubt.

Temwa Wright and a little girl receiving mission trip donations at churchToday, I was full of doubt. I had only raised 50% of the funds I needed for the mission trip to Malawi and it was 3 days away. I was starting to feel like a failure. But God is a provider and he is always on time. After my pastor Rashiid Coleman prayed for me, he sowed a seed for my trip and invited others to do the same. The support that came was abundant; it was humbling. After counting the money, I found out that I was still $500 short, but it didn’t trouble me as much. I called my aunt to tell her the great news and she said “well, I wasn’t going to tell you this, but someone from my church just gave me a check for your trip and it is $500!”. God never fails; I am feeling so blessed. I will now approach this missions trip with a renewed commitment to trust Him at all times.

– Temwa Wright

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