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men sitting on chairs and stools at their village
Men at the Bible study.

July 4, 2018

We just got back from a community bible study. Today our focus is on Christian outreach. That bible study was so sweet! There were 14 women and 8 men and a few kids peeking over the wall. The village chief greeted us. We opened with a song then the leader read from Matt 7. He gave a brief talk about how God is our father… whatever we ask he will do for us.

They then explained how their village works to help each other and take care of each other. They farm together and take care of the elderly. Their goal is food security for all.

They then explained how Pamoza has helped them. Life is very different, much better, since Pamoza came. Pamoza has trained them how to lead bible studies and this has blessed them spiritually. They have trained them how to use manure since fertilizer is very expensive.

The food program at school has nourished the children… the mothers say the children are thriving/learning/ growing (not malnourished anymore)… the kids go to school b/c of the food and they stay there/ keep going back. Their one struggle is

that they only have one water pump and if that breaks, they have to get water from the stream where the animals drink.

I was humbled and honored and so touched by their joy, grace, faith, love and acceptance. Oh, and they gave another gift: Anna received a pot full of peanuts!

women laying on matts at their village
Women at the Bible study.
men sitting on chairs and stools at their village
Men at the Bible study.

-Trudy Orthey

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