A Rural Existence

Witness meeting the missionaries outside her home
Greeting Witness outside her home.

July 4

Today we visited the health clinic. They had no cholera test kit so they really couldn’t do much for the people. They did do some AIDS testing. And some people got medications, but most of the people who were sick really, they could do nothing for them. It was kind of sad.

After that, we did a home visit with one of the women that we have been praying for —Witness. We sat with her for about a half hour. I asked her how she was doing. Witness said her back is hurting her so she can’t be as productive as normal. However

her husband, who had broken his leg last year, has healed completely. That is a blessing. Because of their compromised health of the past year they have only secured enough grain for four months. So they are worried about food security.

Witness meeting the missionaries outside her home
Greeting Witness outside her home.

We were able to tour Witness’ house. One of the things that struck me the most was that they both sleep on the floor. Her 85-year-old husband sleeps on a blanket on a cement floor. She does have a cot- probably because of her bad back-but it is very meager living situation. She has a “kitchen”….also with cement floor. The stove is a fire on the floor. She has a makeshift counter to hold things on.

missionaries outside Witness's home
Witness’s Home
table and a blanket on a concrete floor within Witness's home
Sleeping on a cement floor.

Witness has a daughter-in-law who lives very close by and helps to take care of them. Her son has gone off to South Africa and hardly ever contacts them. Occasionally, he sends money but he has pretty much forgotten about them. She has three grown children who are married and three others, two of which are in high school. But the fees are very expensive… $100 a month… So it is questionable whether they can stay in school.

Later on in the day, we took a trip to Euthini because it is market day. It is a tiny, dusty little town nearby. Some people have buildings or shacks that they sell things from but a lot of people sell things off of mats on the ground.

men and women gathered at a market
Market day in Euthini

I also visited the school to take some pictures of the uniforms. They are in desperate need of uniforms. So, I hope to make some and send them next year. While I was there, I was able to have the children sing the alphabet song. 

Finally, while in Euthini, we visited the rural hospital. How would you like to be treated here?

doctor's office with a makeshift doorkob
Exam room. Zoom in on the door knob.
makeshift ambulance on a motorbike
Euthini Rural Hospital

-Trudy Orthey

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